Reusable Content Templates for WordPress

Advanced Content Templates is a full WordPress post content template solution. If you publish new posts, or pages, or custom post type posts that contain similar content, ACT allows you to choose your starting point every time you create a new post.
Advanced Content Templates in the Classic Editor Advanced Content Templates in the Gutenberg Editor

Powerful Features

Create amazing Post Content Templates for WordPress in minutes.

Featured Images

Customize your template with a featured image and other attachments.

Categories & Tags

Set categories and tags that get applied when you use your template.

Custom Fields

Pre-define your custom fields on your post template.


Set a specific template to autoload for a specific post type.

Custom Post Type Support

Use templates with posts, page, and any other post type.

Premium Add-Ons

For professional licenses we have add ons that allow special features like custom taxonomies, custom metabox support (from your theme and plugins), etc.

What People Are Saying

Some kind words from a few of our customers.

This plug-in makes mine and my co-workers’ lives so much easier! So grateful for this plugin and the time we’ll save.

Sarah, ACT User

I love using a template for repeatable (or similar) posts.

Nathan, ACT User

We were so excited when we came across this great plugin that allows us to create several blog post templates and then apply the template of choice to our daily podcast posts.

Greg, ACT User

ACT Pricing

Start saving time by using ACT today!

Single Site
$39 per year

1 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

No Access to Add-ons

7 day free trial

Small Business
$129 per year

Up to 5 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

Access to all Add-ons

7 day free trial

$199 per year

Up to 99 Site License

1 Year of Updates

1 Year of Support

Access to all Add-ons

7 day free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions… we’ve got at least some answers.

How does Advanced Content Templates work?

Creating a template is exactly like creating a post or a page. Templates you create can be manually loaded into a post, or can automatically load when you create a new post, page or other post type.

Can I tag my template with a custom taxonomy from my theme or plugins?

Custom Taxonomies support is included in our premium add-ons, available to Professional license holders.

Can I set a featured image on my template?

Yes! If you set a featured image on your template, that same featured image will be set on any posts you create from your template.

Can I insert dynamic content into my templates?

If you would like to insert dynamic content that is populated when template is loaded (such as the current date), we recommend using shortcodes and our Instant Shortcodes add-on, available to Professional license holders.

Can I export my templates and import them into another WP site?

Yes you can! ACT is built on a custom post type, so you can use the WordPress export functionality to export posts that are of the ACT post type and then import the resulting xml file using the WordPress import functionality.

Add Advanced Content Templates to Your Workflow!

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